The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is established under the Higher Education Commission (HEC) strategic initiatives to promote high quality research activities to develop a competitive and knowledge based economy.

The main objective of ORIC is to serve as a focal point for faculty members so they incorporate all research activities including development, expansion and management of research programs and to link research activities to academia and socio-economic sectors, under its domain. The ORIC is also striving hard to assure quality research work that translates into the highest international standards. ORIC is dedicated to promote a research culture and advancement at Pakistan’s premier research institutions.

ORIC is committed to provide a platform to faculty and students aspiring to carrying out extensive research exploration in their respective fields through administrative, legal and financial assistance. ORIC facilitates all matters relating to research activities, innovation and commercialization, patent and organization of conferences, seminars and workshops.