Date Sheet & Rooms August Defense 2023                           

Please follow the following guidelines regarding August 2023 Research Defense.

  • Students are required to be present at least 15 minutes before their presentation time outside their allocated rooms.
  • Student will not be allowed to enter on campus and appear in defense without a mask and safety protocols.
  • The Head of Department is required to collect their evaluation forms and honorarium of externals at least 30 minutes before the defense start time from ORIC. No faculty member or administrative assistant can collect these on behalf of HOD. Evaluation proformas after defense will be submitted to ORIC by HOD. ORIC will not collect proformas from administrative assistants.
  • Faculty members on duty and supervisors are also required to report in ORIC at least 30 minutes before the defense start time. Late faculty members will be considered absent.
  • It is mandatory for supervisors to be present in allocated room at the time of their student’s research defense.