One Day Departmental Seminar on “Lasers Everywhere”

Day & Date: Saturday, 17th November 2018

No of Participants: 55

Resource Person(s): Dr. M Shahid Rafique &  Dr. Safia Iftikhar

Venue: Kinnaird College For Women, Lahore.

Seminar Details:

Department of Physics, Kinnaird College For Women in collaboration with Office Of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), had organized one day Seminar on “Lasers Everywhere” This seminar was designed to provide a constructive idea to the importance of Laser Technology, Its Types, Difference between Laser and Light, Amplification of Lasers, & Benefits with Usage of Lasers, in everyday life.

The seminar considerations delivered in the following for participants

  1. Laser Ablation and its types
  2. Ablation Mechanisms
  3. Magnetic Films
  4. Laser Induced Plasma
  5. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
  6. Effect of Magnetic Field