Paper Publications 2019

List of paper published in W category Journals (2019)


  1. Gulzar, A., Mahmud, T., Imran, M, Mitu, L., Munir, R. and Iftikhar, K., 2019. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities of a Schiff Base Derived from 2-[(1,3-Benzothiazol-2-yl) sulfanyl]-N-[4-(hydrazinecarbonyl )phenyl]acetamide and Its Complexes with Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) Ions. Revista De Chimie, 70(2), pp 596-601. Publication date: 2019/3/15
  2. Chaudhry, F., Naureen, S., Ashraf, M., Al-Rashida M., Jahan, B., Munawar, M. A., & Khan, M. A. (2019), “Imidazole-pyrazole hybrids: Synthesis, characterization and in-vitro bioevaluation against α-glucosidase enzyme with molecular docking studies” Bioorganic Chemistry, 82, 267-273.  February 2019
  3. Chaudhry, F., (2019),“On efficient synthesis, X-ray analysis and DPPH radical scavenging activity of pyrazolne-based trans-chalcones” ChemistrySelect 2019, 11098-11102. October 2019
  4. Chaudhry, F., (2019), “Four-component, one-pot synthesis of novel conjugated indole-imidazole derivatives” Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2019, 38, 57-64., January and February 2019
  5. Huma R, Mahmud T, Munir R, Javaid  S, Iftikhar K and Mufakkira-Tul-Islam, Cytotoxicity and Molecular Docking Studies of a Novel Enaminone and its Cadmium (II) Complex. Pakistan Journal of Zoology. 51(1), 399-799. 26 February 2019
  6. Huma R, Mahmud T,  Idrees N, Jawwad Saif M, Munir R, Akbar N, Crystal structure and Quantum chemical studies of a novel push-pull enaminone: 3-Chloro-4-((4-bromophenyl)amino)pent-3-en-2-one. Journal of Chemical Crystallography.
  7. Huma R, Mahmud T, Mitu L, Ashraf M , Iqbal A ,Iftikhar, K, Hayat A, Synthesis,  Characterization , molecular docking and enzyme inhibition studies of some novel Enaminone derivatives and their complexes with Cu (II),Cd (II) and Co (II) ions. Revista De Chimie.
  8. Munir R, “Synthesis of 6/8-Methyl-2- (piperidin-1-yl) quinoline-3- carbaldehydes; A Facile CTAB Catalyzed Protocal”. Chiang Mai Journal of Science.

Environmental Sciences

  1. Almas Hamid, Sana Akhtar, Syeda Aleena Atique, Zilley Huma, Syed Ghulam Mohay Uddin, Sidra Asghar, “Ambient air quality & noise level Monitoring of different areas of Lahore and its Health impacts” Polish Journal of Environmental Studies; 28(2).
  2. Sadia Saif, Arifa Tahir, Tayyaba Asim, Yongsheng Chen, Mujeeb Khan  and Syed Farooq Adil. 2019. Green synthesis of ZnO hierarchical microstructures by Cordia myxa and their antibacterial activity. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences. (IF=3.1).
  3. Almas Hamid, Wajeeha Saleem, Ghazala Yaqub & Moin ud din Ghauri (2019) Comparative assessment of respiratory and other occupational health effects among elementary workers, International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 25:3, 394-401, DOI: 10.1080/10803548.2017.1393161
  4. Iqra Mazhar, Almas Hamid, Shahzad Afzal, Groundwater quality assessment and human health risks in Gujranwala District, Pakistan. Environmental Earth Sciences; 78:634, 2019. (Published 01 November 2019)
  5. Zawar, Masooma, Rabia Nazir, Almas Hamid, Eder C. Lima, and Muhammad Raza Shah. “Rapid defluoridation of drinking water by calcium carbonate nanoadsorbent: characterization, adsorption studies and application to real samples’ treatment.” Water Supply(2019). (Published 27 Dec  2019)


  1. Anjum S, Anjum I, Hano C, Sidra K. (2019). Advances in Nanomaterials as Novel Elicitors of Pharmacologically Active Plant Specialized Metabolites: Current Status and Future Outlooks. RSC Advances. Manuscript ID: RA-REV-10-2019-008457. (IF. 3.04).
  2. Saleem K, Khurseed Z, Anjum S, Hano C, Anjum I. (2019). Applications of Nanomaterials in Leishmaniasis: A Focus on Recent Advances and Challenges. Nanomaterials. 9: 1749-1766.  (IF: 4.10).


  1. Murtaza N. Dr. (2019). LC-MS/MS- based metabolic profiling of Escherichia coli under heterologous gene expression stress; Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.
  2. Murtaza N. Dr, Joshua G. (2019). Bioaccumulation of Metals in the organs of fish inhabiting Ravi River: Serious Threat to Fish and Consumer’s health; Pakistan Journal of Zoology.
  3. Murtaza N. Dr, Joshua G., Inayat S. (2019). Conformational changes in wild type KRAS induced by two novel variants p.E31K and p. G138V; Pakistan Journal of Zoology.
  4. Murtaza N. Dr, Joshua G. (2019). Association of Lifestyle and Phyiscal Activity with the components of Metabolic Syndrome- A Study of Bank Employees in Lahore, Pakistan; Pakistan Journal of Zoology.

List of paper published in International Journals (2019)

(Indexed in Master Journal List)

Computer Science

  1. Abid, R., Saleem, N., Khalid, H.A., Ahmad, F., Rizwan, M., Manzoor, J., & Junaid, K., (2019). Stress Detection of the Employees Working in Software Houses using Fuzzy Inference. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 10(1), 217-224.
  2. Nadeem, S., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., & Manzoor, J., (2019). Securing Cognitive Radio Vehicular Ad Hoc Network with Fog Node Based Distributed Blockchain Cloud Architecture. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 10(1), 288-295.
  3. Dilawar, N., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., & Akram, S., (2019). Blockchain: Securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 10(1), 82-8.
  4. Dilawar, N., Nadeem, S., Arooj, S., Ahmad, F., Rizwan, M., (2019). Simulation and Security Calibration of Weather Management System for the Least Rainy Areas of Pakistan through Quantum Key Distribution.  EAI Endorsed Transactions on Scalable Information Systems, sis 18(e10). DOI: 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.159794.
  5. Zarnab K. , Rizwan, M., , Aysha S., Maryam S. , Fahad A., Jaweria M.(2019). Cloud Server Security using Bio-cryptography. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 10(3), 166-1724.

Business Studies

  1. Elahi, N. S., Abid, G., Arya, B., & Farooqi, S. (2019). Workplace behavioral antecedents of job performance: mediating role of thriving, The Service Industries Journal,


  1. Adhikari, K.,* Mendoza-Revilla, J.,* Sohail, A., Fuentes-Guajardo, M., Lampert, J., Chacón-Duque, J. C., Hurtado, M., Villegas, V., Granja, V., Acuña-Alonzo, V., Jaramillo, C., Arias, W., Lozano, R. B., Pérez, G. M., Gómez-Valdés, J., Villamil-Ramírez H., Silva de Cerqueira, C. C., Hunemeier T., Ramallo, V., Schuler-Faccini, L., Salzano, F. M., Gonzalez-José R., Bortolini, M-C., Canizales-Quinteros, S., Gallo, C., Poletti, G., Bedoya, G., Rothammer, F., Tobin, D.J., Fumagalli M., Balding, D., Ruiz-Linares, A. (2019) A genome-wide association scan in Latin Americans underlines the convergent evolution of lighter skin pigmentation in Eurasia. Nature Communications. 10(1):358.(Covered by Science Magazine: Wade, L. (2019) Light skin may be legacy of Native America ancestors. Science, 363, (6425). 333).
  2. Tanveer Majeed, Shifa Ul Haq Javed Iqbal Wattoo Romana Tabassum (2019) Thermostable alkaline serine protease from Bacillus haloduranes C-125: gene expression and evaluation for its industrial usefulness. International Journal of Biosciences 15(2), 95-105.

Accounting & Finance

  1.  Farah Naz, Sarah Salim, Ramiz ur Rehman, Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmad, Rizwan Ali, Determinants of financial sustainability of microfinance institutions in Pakistan (2019), Upravlenets 10 (4), 51-64.
  2. Mian Sajid Nazir, Javeria Mahmood, Fizza Abbas, Ayesha Liaqat, Do rational bubbles exist in emerging markets of SAARC? Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences ISSN: 1026-4116.

Environmental Sciences

  1. Syeda Amber Fatima, Mohammad Nawaz Chaudhary, and Syeda Adila Batool, Comparative Evaluation of Chemical Composition of Commercially Available Windrow Compost Sample and Privately Prepared Invessel Compost samples. Current World Environment, , ISSN: 0973-4929, Vol. 14, No. (1) 2019, Pg. 149-158, 2019.
  2. Ghazala Yaqub, Almas Hamid and Sidra Asghar, Rain water quality assessment as air quality indicator in Pakistan. Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 54(2).
  3. Sadia Saif, Arifa Tahir, Tayyaba Asim, Yongsheng Chen  and Syed Farooq Adil. 2019. Polymeric Nanocomposites of Iron–Oxide Nanoparticles (IONPs) Synthesized Using Terminalia chebula Leaf Extract for Enhanced Adsorption of Arsenic(V) from Water. Colloids and Interfaces, 3(1), 17.
  4. Sana Akhtar, Rida Fatima, Zamir Ahmad Soomro,  Munawar Hussain, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Hafiza Sadia Ramzan, “Bacteriological quality assessment of water supply schemes (WSS) of Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan” Environmental Earth Sciences, 78:458.


  1. Toor, R. H., Malik, S., Qamar., H., Batool, F., Tariq, M., Nasir, Z, Tasadduq, R.,. Lian, J. B., Stein, J. L., Stein, G. S. and Shakoori, A. R. 2019. Osteogenic potential of hexane and dichloromethane fraction of Cissus quadrangularis on murine preosteoblast cell line MC3T3‐E1 (subclone 4). Journal of Cellular Physiol.; 234(12):23082-23096.
  2. Toor, R. H., Tasadduq, R., Adhikari, A., Chaudhary, M. I., Lian, J. B., Stein, J. L., Stein, G. S. and Shakoori, A. R. 2019. Ethyl acetate and n-butanol fraction of Cissus quadrangularis promotes the mineralization potential of murine pre-osteoblast cell line MC3T3-E1 (sub-clone 4). Journal of Cellular Physiol. 234(7):10300-10314.


  1. Maqsood, Z., Majeed, A., & Anwar, I. (2019). Self-consciousness and social interactions anxiety among school students of coeducational and non-coeducational schools of Lahore. Pakistan Journal of Education, 36(2), 165-179.

List of paper published in National Journals

(Y/Z Category)


  1. Dr Nusra Inayat, Dr Tahira Kalsoom ‘An Exploratory Study of the Teachers’ Awareness about Autism in Primary Schools’ (Research Paper submitted for publication (accepted) in the International Journal of Education Enquiry and Reflection. (IJEER).
  2. Dr Nusra Inayat, Ms Saadia Yameen, ‘Investigation of Learning Styles and its Effects on Students Performance at higher Level’ to be Published in the Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (JASS) ISSN 2311-293X, ISSN 2414-8512, Dec 2019, Vol. IV, Issue II.

Applied Linguistics

  1. Ms.Badriah Khaleel,  “Reinforcement of Patriarchal Structures in Pakistani Society: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Chinoy’s A Girl in The River: The Price of Forgiveness”.Journal of Research Society of Pakistan.


  1. Dr Tahir Saddiqa, Nasir Abbas Nayeer ke Afsano mein Wajoodi Danishwari aur Aslubiyaati Tanawo, Bunyād (research journal), Lahore: Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature, (LUMS), Volume 10, 2019, ISSN: 2225-6083.
  2. Dr Tahir Saddiqa, Enwar Sajjad ki Takhliqaat ke Alamati Izhar Mein Ehtajaj ki Kafiyat, Mayaar, Islamaad: Department of Urdu, International Islamic University, 2019. ISSN: 2074.675x.
  3. Dr Tahir Saddiqa, Lok Kahanion ke Tarajum aur Irani Lok Kahanion k Urdu Zuban mein Tehzeeb-o-Tarjuma ki Rawaiyat, Tabeer, Islamabad: Deparment of Urdu, Allama Iqbal Open University, 2019.


  1. Ilyas, H,. Ahmad, M, & Khan, A. M. (2019). Gender Stereotypes and Emotional Self-Disclosure: Predictors of different emotions in Young Adults. Pakistan Journal of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 10 (1), 1- 15.

Political Science

  1. Victor, T. & ,Talib,A. (2019).Human Security and implications of involuntary repatriation of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan. The Journal of Political Science XXXVII (2019).GC University Lahore.

List of paper published in International Journals

(Indexed in Ulrich Periodicals)


  1. Hussain, M., Hussain, M.Z. & Saeed, I. (2019). Convexity-Preserving Scattered Data Interpolation Scheme Using Side-Vertex Method, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 5(3).


  1. Moazzam. F., & Haroon. Z (2019). Impact of Housemaids on Social and Emotional Development of Children of Working Mothers in Lahore. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 7(3), 36-45.
  2. Usman, R., & Khan, M. A. (2019). Rejection sensitivity, depression, self esteem, quality of life and coping styles among infertile females and males married individuals. EC Psychology and Psychiatry 8(6), 528-537. Retrieved –ISSN: 2453-188X.

Computer Science

  1. Areeba, R., Bakhtawar, Nageen, S., Ahmad, F., Rizwan, M., (2019).  Energy Optimization in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 9(4), 477-483.
  2. Farza B., Rizwan, M., (2019). Traffic Management Through VANET. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 9(2), 355-361.
  3. Bakhtawar A., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., (2019).  Energy Harvesting using LEACH and SEP Protocols in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 9(3), 1-7.
  4. Ayesha M., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., (2019).  Security, Privacy and Trust in Cyber (STPC Cyber). International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 9(2), 649-655.
  5. Aysha S., Maryam S., Rizwan, M., Fahad A.,(2019). Neuro-Biological Emotionally Intelligent Model for Human Inspired Empathetic Agents. The Journal of Cognitive Systems, Vol. 4(1), 1-11.
  6. Dr Muhammad Rizwan, Preservation of Privacy of Big Data using Efficient Anonymization Technique, LGU Research Journal of Computer Science & IT, Vol. 3 Issue 4, October – December 2019.
  7. Dr Muhammad Rizwan, Cloud Storage Security using Blockchain Technology, LGU Research Journal of Computer Science & IT, Vol. 3 Issue 4, October – December 2019.

List of paper published in HEC Non- Recognized National Journals


  1. Rhea Aqueel, Iram Anjum, 2019 Beta Thalassemia: A Not-So-Rare Genetic Disorder In Pakistan, Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP), 1(1), ISSN: 2663-6328, PP 1-7.
  2. Sarosh Khawaja, Sundus Mubashir and Shahnaz Choudhry, Utilization Of Inulin-Rich Plant Extracts In Probiotic Bacterial Culture For Lactase Production, Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP), 1(1), ISSN: 2663-6328, PP 8-17.
  3. Syyada Samra Jaffri , Aqsa Babar, Bakhtawar Attique , Gull-e-lalah Saleem , Laiba Fatima , Tayyaba Noor and Zainab Masood, Association Of Leptin Hormone With Obesity, Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP), 1(1), ISSN: 2663-6328, PP 52-66.
  4. William B, Riaz I, Mubashir S, Aslam K, Saeed A, Anjum I. “Dyslipidemia as a Risk Factor for Developing Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease in Females of Reproductive Age”. Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan. (Manuscript ID: JNASP/2019/0114).
  5. Esha Mehmood and Tanveer Majeed. Enhancement of insulinstability though protein engineering techniques: A mini review. Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP) Vol 1 (2), 2019 pp 162-166.
  6. Zainab Khursheed and Tanveer Majeed. Prevalence of parasitic comtamination in leafy raw vegetable consumed in Lahore, Pakistan. Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP) Vol 1 (2), 2019 pp 167-173.
  7. Amna Komal Khan and Tanveer Majeed. (2019). Biodegradation of synthetic and natural plastics by microorganisms: A mini review. Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan, Vol 1 (2), 2019 pp 180-184


  1. Rabia Iftikhar, Hooria Younas, Anum Waqar and Mishal Tariq, Optimization Of Growth Medium And Conditions For The Maximum Production Of Glucose Isomerase By Cs1 Bacterial Strain, Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (JNASP), 1(1), ISSN: 2663-6328, PP 31-45.


  1. Justin,M., & Haroon,Z. Attachment Styles and Marital Satisfaction among young married female university students. Journal of Research & Reviews in Social Sciences Pakistan.2019 Vol.2(1),pp 366-378.
  2. Fareed, H., & Naeem, S. (2019). The effect of deployment separation on stress, psychological well-being and resilience among army officers’ wives. Journal of research and reviews in Social sciences Pakistan, 2 (1). Pp. 303-312
  3. Haroon, Z. (2019). Personality Traits, Altruism and Intercultural sensitivity among undergraduate students of individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Journal of research and reviews in Social sciences Pakistan, 2 (2). Pp. 389-413.

Computer Science

  1. Fahmida N.,  Rizwan, M.,  Aysha S., Maryam S. , Fahad A.,(2019). Cloud Computing Serving as a Solution to the IoT Generated Data. Bahria University Journal of Information & Communication Technologies (BUJICT), Vol. 11(2), 1-6.
  2. Tayyabah H., Wajiha A., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., Usman, S., (2019).  5G Radio Access Networks Based on Fog Computing: An Overview, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan, 1(1), 46-51.
  3. Dilawar, N., Nadeem, S., Ahmad, F., Rizwan, M., Junaid, K., (2019).  A Virtual Reality Based Clinical Mobile Assistant in Remote Areas of Pakistan, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan, 1(1), 67-79.
  4. Shumaila S., Rizwan, M., Ahmad, F., (2019).  Green Communication in Wireless Networks and IoT, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Pakistan, 1(1), 108-118.
  5. Mazhar, I., Shabir, H., Zafar, M., Zunash, F., Rizwan, M., Shabbir, A., Shabbir, M., Ahmad, F., (2019). Secuirty Issues of Big Data Analytics, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan, 2(1), 185-191.

Business Studies

  1. Masham Raza, Maryam Rehmat, ” Honesty -humility and workplace deviance: The mediating role of continuance commitment” June 2019.
  2. Qayyum, E., & Aslam, S. Impact of Brand Knowledge On Customers’ Willingness To Pay Price Premium For Fine Dining Restaurants: Mediating  Role Of Brand Attitude, Journal of Research and Reviews in Social Sciences, Vol. 2 (2), P. 508-516
  3. Rao, A., & Aslam, S. The Study of the Impact of Brand Love On Customer  Loyalty: Mediating role of Customer Engagement, Journal of Research and Reviews in Social Sciences, Vol. 2(2) , P. 529-540
  4. Awan, F., Aslam, S, & Mubin, M. Determinants Of Employee Engagement: A Case Study Of Telecom Sector Of Lahore, Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences, Pakistan, Vol. 1/2, P. 154-161.


  1. Shabana Aziz, “Analysis of on resistance in normally-off  4H-SiC vertical Junction Field Effect Transistors” Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences(JNASP), Volume 1(2), ISSN:2663-6328.
  2. Samia Maqsood, Amna Khalid, “A proposed Circuit of Darlington Pair Based on Triple JFET Configuration” Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences(JNASP),1(1), ISSN:2663-6328, PP 119-123.

International Relations

  1. Aiysha Safdar, Shireen Mushtaq, Hindu Nationalism: Punitive Political Ideology of the Modern State of India

Food Sciences & Human Nutrition

  1. Mahnaz Nasir Khan, Memoona Khalid, Nasreen Kausar “How Pakistani Eat: A Qualitative Study of Food Choices in Typical Pakistani Home Made Food Preparation. In Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Pakistan.vol 1(1).2019 ISSN:26636328 pp31-45.
  2. Khadija Arshad, Rabia Naz, Mahnaz Nasir and Nadia Akram (2019). Branched Chained Amino Acid Enriched bar and Chronic Liver Disease: A Case Study. Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences Pakistan. 1(1): 18-22.

English Literature

  1. Rabia Zaheer, Dr Rizwan Akhtar, “Alien Voices and Dialogic Discourse in Zulfikar Ghouse’s Poetry”
    January 2019, Journal of Research (Humanities); The Department of English Language and Literature, University of the Punjab.

Political Science

  1. Khushboo Ejaz  & Mariam Masood :Neo-Imperialism:A Case Study of China Pakistan Economic Corridor ,Journal of Politics and International Studies Vol. 5, No. 1, January–June 2019, pp. 85– 96.


  1. Zubda Zia, Zainab Masood, Anam Ali Khan“The nexus between Renewable Energy, Urbanization, Industrialization and Economic Growth in Pakistan” Journal of Research & Reviews in Social Sciences Pakistan Vol 2, Issue 2, pp. 517-528.


  1. Karamat, K., Waheeda, A., & Nisar, M. (2019). Effects of Facebook on Family Structure of Users in Pakistani Society. Journal of Research and Reviews in Social Sciences Pakistan. 2 (2),pp 487-507.

List of paper published in HEC Non- Recognized International Journals


  1. Farheen Aslam, Hooria Younas and Saima Iftikhar Bajwa. Genomic sequencing and recombinant expression of proinsulin isolated from cow and buffalo in Pakistan. African Journal of Biotechnology. July 2019; 18(27): 664-669.