She has won ‘Institutional Strengthening Grant for Upgrading Laboratories and Libraries (ISULL-HEC)’ of 2.907450 million for Strengthening of Biochemistry Laboratory in April 2017 for one year and it was successfully completed in April 2018 by purchasing Freeze dryer, Refrigerated shaking incubator, pH meter and cold cabinet.

She has won a three years Research project (NRPU-HEC-2016) of 1.67903 million as PI entitled ‘Studies on recombinant buffalo prochymosin: A precursor of milk clotting enzyme chymosin used in cheese industry’. The project was started in December 2017 and successfully going on.

Dr Hooria Younas won another three years project (NRPU-HEC-2016) as Co-PI with Dr Iram Anjum of 2.363828 million entitled ‘Molecular characterization of families affected with primary Microcephaly’ that was started in June 2017.

Dr Sumaira Mehboob (IPFP) as PI and Dr Hooria Younas as Co-PI won the Start up Research Grant Program (SRGP-HEC) of 0.360076 million in 17 March 2017 entitled ‘Expression enhancement of the recombinant 4-α-glucanotransferase (Pcal_0768) by various strategies’ that was successfully completed in one year.

Dr Hooria Younas as member of ‘National Curricular Revision Committee (NCRC) HEC for Biochemistry’ attended two meetings to revise and update the Biochemistry BS and MPhil curricula

  1. Three (03) days NCRC preliminary meeting in the discipline of Biochemistry from February 26-28, 2018 at HEC Regional Centre, Peshawar.
  2. Three (03) days NCRC Final meeting in the discipline of Biochemistry from April 25-27, 2018 at HEC Regional Centre, Peshawar.