The Biosafety Training for Young Researchers was held at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore on Saturday, 27th of October, 2018, from 8.30am to 4 pm. It was organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Kinnaird College for Women, in collaboration with Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA).

The training sessions were organized by keeping in view the increasing needs of the application of biosafety and the development of a biosafe culture. With every passing day, Pakistan is progressing into an era of scientific research, with much focus on biological research. Experimental work with infectious and disease causing agents is increasing many folds, and this has called for the need to implement biosafety techniques.

To conduct the workshop, twelve certified trainers from PBSA namely Mr. Zia Ashraf, Mr. Imran Khan Khatak, Ms. Sibgha Tayyab, Mr. Adeel Ahmad, Dr. Syyada Samra Jafri, Dr. Akhtar Nadhman, Mr. Sheraz Younas, Ms. Kiran Imtiaz, Ms. Kanza Batool, Ms. Naila Mahmood, Mr. Syed Ihsan Gillani, Mr. Muhammad Sohail, were invited as facilitators along with their esteemed coach, Dr. Adnan Arshad.

The Academic Dean, Dr. Shahnaz Chaudhry shared the importance of biosafety, and how the implementation of biosafety techniques at every stage of research and experimental work was crucial. Head of Biotechnology Department, Dr. Iram Anjum expressed her gratitude to the guests from PBSA, along with her gratefulness for being able to organize the workshop.

A pre-assessment quiz was conducted by the facilitators. The aim was to proof conscious incompetence of participants about Biosafety. The training took place in two sessions, lecture and technical sessions. The session was begun by Mr. Imran Khan Khatak delivered the first lecture on Introduction and the Four Primary Controls of Biosafety which was followed by the second lecture on Introduction and the Four Primary Controls of Biosecurity delivered by Ms. Sibgha Tayyab, third lecture by Mr. Zia Ashraf on Sterilization, Disinfection, Decontamination and Antisepsis and forth by Mr. Adeel Ahmad on the Lab Acquired Infections.

Four practical stations were set up by the organizing team, which were being visited by the four subgroups, each on its own turn.  The first station was focused on hand washing techniques, led by Ms. Naila Mahmood and Ms. Kanza Batool. The second station focused on beaking method of glove removal and bootie dance, led by Dr. Syyada Samra Jafri and Mr. Syed Ihsan Gillani. The third station focused on spill management techniques, led by Ms. Kiran Imtiaz and Mr. Muhammad Sohail. The fourth station was led by Dr. Akhtar Nadhman and Mr. Sheraz Younas, focusing on waste management. After the lunch break, groups were rotated.

With completion of both the rounds of the practical and lecture sessions, post assessment quiz was conducted. The knowledge gained by the students during the course of the workshop was assessed and evaluated, in order to make students consciously competent of their knowledge in biosafety.

For concluding the workshop, the vice principal of Kinnaird, Dr. Nikghat Khan was invited on the stage where she expressed her gratitude to the guests, and pride for the Department of Biotechnology for organizing this workshop. On the basis of this workshop she expressed her desire to start a full biosafety course in department. Certificates were distributed and among students and souvenirs among facilitators.  Extremely positive feedback was given by the students, who were glad to have participated in the workshop. They were confident about the skills they had learnt during the course of the workshop, and were certain to implement them in their experimental and research work, in order to develop and maintain a fully biosafe culture.