Sustainable Developments, Business Transformation and Global Inequalities

Date: 23rd & 26th November 2020

Sustainability and Business Transformation: Session- I

Sustainability and Inequality: Session- II

International Resource Speaker: Associate Prof Dr Julia Dobreva from VUZF University- Bulgaria.

Timing: 5:00-7:00 Pm

Course Overview:

Sustainable development is a relatively new field in research that brings together diverse and often contradictory environmental, socio-political and economic problems. Some of the most frequently asked questions are – how to achieve economic growth without negatively affecting the environment, as well as what are the benefits to society of economic progress and threats to environmental balance? It is in response to these and other questions that modern science seeks possible solutions and offers different ways of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the degree of sustainable development achieved.

In this course the theme of sustainable business transformation from a current perspective with a focus on what it actually means, how it is applied, and what are the actual results achieved were approached. Sustainability was discussed from the perspective of income inequality on a global level and particularly in Europe.

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