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  • INFODEV Software
 10th  Nov   Punjab Bureau          of Statistics


  • Dr Kalsoom Akhtar
 Punjab Bureau          of Statistics
  • Research Methodology      using statistical                  techniques in Biological    Sciences.


 3rd- 8th Jan           UVAS
  • Ms Shamaila Nadeem
  • Dr Saleema Bashir
  • Immunoassays


  23rd-26th           Feb  National Health   Research       Complex     (PMRC)


  • Dr Hooria Younas
  • Ms Amna Younas
   Sheikh Zayed   Medical Complex
  • Professional Competency  Enhancement Program for Teachers (PCEPT)


  23th May




  • Ms Amna Younas
  • Ms Farah Anjum
  • Ms Mahnaz Nasir Khan
  • Hina Gul
  • Rabia Shahid
  • Kanwal Naseem Khan
  • Amber Jafar
  • Dr. Khushboo Ejaz


 Kinnaird College


  • Training workshop on SAR (Self-Assessment report)
   21st Oct       QEC-KC
  • Ms Almas  Hamid
  • Zubaira Hassan
  • Zubda Zia
  • Saima Malik


 Kinnaird College
  • LATEX Software


  12th Nov


 Statistics           Department/         QEC


  • Mrs Shamaila Nadeem
  • Ms Khushboo Ejaz
  • Dr Hooria Younas
  • Ms Amna Younas
  • Dr Kalsoom Akhtar
  • Ms Sana Akhtar
  • Ambreena Javaid
  • Dr Shahnaz Choudhry
  • Priya Avais


 Kinnaird College


  • Environmental Impact         Assessment
  22nd Nov  Pakistan   Engineering       Council


  • Ms Almas Hamid
  • Quality Education Services  and  Production


  26st  Nov           QA   QEC members  Kinnaird College
  • Microteaching


  1st Dec




  • Ms Amber Fatima
  • Ms Narmeen Faryal
  • Ms Mahnaz Nasir Khan
  • Shumaila Majeed
  • Dr. Iram Anjum


 Kinnaird College


  • World Quality Day
 21st Dec


         QA   QEC members  Kinnaird College
  • Teachers Education for    Sustainable Development
 13th-30th    Jun  Environment   Protection   Department,     Punjab &   Kinnaird  College


 Part of Teaching   Faculty  Kinnaird College


  • National  Nutrition Survey  Dissemination of results for  Punjab Integrated  Nutrition Strategy for  Punjab
  23rd Nov  Government       of the Punjab   Bureau of   Statistics,   Planning &   Development   Department


  • Mahnaz Nasir          Khan
 Pearl   Continental   Hotel, Lahore
  • Promotion of calcium intake and bone health
  19th Dec  KC in   collaboration   with       Osteoporosis     Society of   Pakistan


  • Mahnaz Nasir Khan
  • Memoona Khalid
  • Nasreen Kausar


 Kinnaird College


  • Cyber-Literacy and Core    Competencies Across          Disciplines


   2011  Kinnaird     College
  • Rabia Shahid
 Kinnaird College
  • Seminar on Empowering  Youth- Bridging  Gap          between Academia  and    Industry
  6th Oct  Business               Studies Dept,   KCWU


  • Zubaira        Hassan
 Kinnaird College


  • All Pakistan Adjudicators Workshop
    9th Oct  Debating   Society     of   Pakistan


  • Priya Avais
 Kinnaird College
  • Satge Pour Professeurs De FLE
   4th- 28th          July  Universite de   Franche   Comte     (France)


  • Amber Jafar
  • Latest Techniques In Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources of Pakistan


   14th-15th         Sep      UVAS
  • Dr. Iram Anjum